Svelte Summit
Svelte Summit 2020

Svelte Summit 2020

It's finally time. Let's all hunker down and watch 17 great Svelte talks.

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Talk timestamps (HH:MM:SS):
00:11:23 - The Zen of Svelte (Morgan Williams)
00:17:20 - Prototyping Design with Svelte (Daniel Sandoval)
00:50:16 - How does Svelte's crossfade function work? (Nicolo Davis)
00:58:12 - Plenti (Jim Fisk)
01:17:04 - How you setup data visualization with Svelte (Matthias Stahl)
01:57:20 - Svelte at the Edge: Powering Svelte Apps with Cloudflare Workers (Luke Edwards)
02:34:59 - The Web á la Mode (Ron Au)
02:50:44 - Introduction to Svite (Dominik G.)
02:59:40 - Svelte Animations (Mark Volkmann)
03:30:00 - How to build a cat-themed streaming service with Svelte (Annie Taylor Chen)
03:38:55 - REPLicant (Peter Allen 🐧)
04:19:55 - Unlocking The Power of Svelte Actions (Kirill Vasiltsov)
04:35:45 - So you want to pick a router? (Alessandro Segala)
05:00:00 - Building SEO Friendly Sites with Svelte and Elder.js (Nick Reese)
05:36:10 - Modern Fetch in Svelte using Stores (Tim Raderschad)
05:54:58 - Demystifying Svelte Transitions (Tan Li Hau)
06:41:00 - Futuristic Web Development (Rich Harris)

Thanks to the thousands of Svelte devs that joined us today!

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