Svelte Summit
Kevin Bridges - Responsive Svelte (exploring Svelte's reactivity)

Kevin Bridges - Responsive Svelte (exploring Svelte's reactivity)

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This talk is focused on a better understanding of Svelte's reactivity. We will do this from an "observer perspective" - by visualizing it first-hand (right in your application)!

There's a bit of a mystery behind some of these concepts. We will delve into some lesser-known detail (that you may have not considered)! The hope is you will come away with more insight, and be better informed on how to use this awesome product!

ARTICLE (contains more detail):

00:31 Introduction: Responsive Svelte (exploring Svelte's reactivity)
02:39 Svelte Reactivity: The GreetUser Component
04:48 Terminology SideBar: Snippets (code-snippets, html-snippets)
05:42 Why Svelte is soo KOOL!
08:04 Show Me: Exploring Reactivity
08:46 1. Diagnostic Logging Probes
10:57 2. Advanced Diagnostics
13:30 Re-Render Analysis - Unexpected Results!
14:12 Svelte's Dependency Monitoring
16:46 Revisit Re-Render Analysis - Is Svelte Efficient?
17:15 App-Based Reactivity Tweaks
17:47 1. Finer Grained Dependency Management
19:18 2. Preresolve Variations
20:25 Svelte's Re-Render Optimization
24:33 Are App-Based Reactivity Tweaks Necessary?
25:28 Extra Credit Exercise
27:54 What have we learned?
28:30 Thanks Core Team & Big Bird?
29:10 That's ALL Folks